Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oil Method

So while I was in Houston I had plenty of down time in the evenings and came across a very interesting Blog post about the Oil Cleansing Method. I was a little shocked but I kept reading. The whole idea is washing your face with Oil and not Soap. If you're a acne prone person this probably doesn't sound very smart but they say it works for even severe Acne. Anyway as I read it I found myself rather intrigued and thought why not.
Let me explain why. I have had problems with Adult acne. Especially after giving birth to my daughter. Suddenly I had crazy breakouts that were not only HUGE but even painful at times. So not pretty! And the more acne stuff I used the worse it got. And to be truthful I am easily sold by Acne Face washes. I have bought a large range of products and none have really helped. So I stopped everything. I started using Purpose soap and Aveeno moisturizer. Nothing fancy! And it was better but I was still getting black heads and the occasional breakout. I needed to try something else. But what was there that wasn't going to cost me a fortune? So I left well enough alone, and I have settled with my skin for years now.
 So in reading this article I was interested because here was an all new approach and one that wasn't going to cost too much. I have OILY skin as well. so the idea of adding oil to my skin had me worried as well. But I tried it and I've been using it for two weeks now. And I LOVE it. I followed the recipe for oily skin with one small exception I added a little bit of Tea Tree Oil. I love the aromatherapy I get from it and of course it's great for acne. Let me just say my skin hasn't been oily at all. I used to have to use those oil blotting papers nearly everyday but I haven't since I started this method. Another great benefit is that this actually takes off all my eye makeup. Warning if you add Tee tree oil like I did be careful, if you follow the original recipe exactly then you'll be fine. But it works!
The Key component is Castor Oil it's the real cleanser, then you add a moisturizing oil to thin it and to balance it's effects. I used a cosmetic Olive Oil. To Much Castor Oil and your face will feel tight and dried out like you used real soap. So they recommend you add more of your moisturizing oil if your face feels this way after. Funny enough I started feel that after a few washes and so I had to adjust my mix.I still put Moisturizer on after each wash and once again I don't have oily skin! It fells soft and Dewy it's amazing.
When I first started I had two large breakouts on my chin they cleared in two days. The areas of my face that tend to be prone to Blackheads seem to be clearing. What used to take two pore strips and a serious steaming now seam to be rising to the top and clearing on their own. Enough of the gross stuff, you get the point. This is working. I don't know about those of you with truly severe Acne but if you've tried everything else why not try this?! Any way here is the website for this method. She gets a little new age at one point, the blog where I read about this warned me as well but when I came to it I still rolled my eyes. Just keep reading and try for yourself!

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