Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Today I have so Many Happy thoughts that it was very hard to narrow it down to my usual five but I did.  First and Foremost is My Beautiful Baby Sister's birthday is Tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Nena I LOFF You Mucho!
The Birthday Girl is on the Left!

Also this weekend will be our first shopping trip for my other sister's upcoming nuptials. I'm actually really excited about this. I think it's going to be fun. And it's the only thing I'm able to help on. The Clothing and accessories for her gown and the bridesmaids.

My little Girl will begin Ballet School. My Aunt came by yesterday and dropped off a whole new Ballet wardrobe for my daughter and so now she is ready to begin Ballet. She's been walking on her tippy toes ever since she began to walk so I think this will be a perfect fit.

The Music Festival!!! Enough Said!

Halloween Decorating!! Since it's Officially October this weekend I get to start putting out our Decorations. Every Year we throw a big Halloween party and this year is no exception. So this Sunday will be the start of the Set up!
 Photo from HGTV
Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!

NYFW-Wes Gordon

A few picks from Wes Gordon's Show. All pieces I would love to wear!

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NYFW-Vivienne Tam

Sorry this is such a Late posting, Ive been sitting on these photos for weeks now. I just had to finally share because I'm loving the details in this collection! So enjoy a bit of eye Candy.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eagle Rock Music Festival 2011

I've written about my small town in the Big city many times before. We don't have much in our area but we've got a few great gems that make this lazy little town a bit more enticing to the rest of the City. Why should you drive out to Eagle Rock? Well this weekend is our 13th Annual Music Festival. This festival started small and only took a single block in it's yearly years, but everyone loved it. My family in particular because that one stage they had was one block from their home and played salsa music which had my mother dancing in the streets.
Since then the Festival has expanded to over eight blocks of Our Main Street. They Have 12 Stages Placed up and down the street, Vendor Booths running in the center of the street, and All the local Shops stay open late with their own parties or bands inside. It's tons of Fun.
Each Year I pick up a schedule and take a look at who's playing where and which bands I want to see. This year I got the Map early and let me just say I was shocked when I saw the Lineup for this year. we usually have great Local bands and a few indie bands with great potential. In fact I would be surprised if someday in the future I were to see one of those bands on TV talking about how they started with the Eagle Rock Music Festival.  Well this year there is no wondering if these people will be big one day. This year we have a stellar Lineup! Three caught my eye right away, Rooney, Flying Lotus, and Shadow, Shadow, Shade.
Rooney of course was the first I was excited about. When I was Studying in London I went to a performance of theirs in this tiny Pub. They were great Live and the small venue made it feel like we had been invited to a cool private party. It was a memorable night. And so I'm looking forward to seeing the band again.
So those of you who happen to be in LA this weekend Stop on by the Eagle Rock Music Festival! It promises to be a Great Festival.  I'll post again after!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashion Icons-Audrey Hepburn

So My little Sister is getting Married!!!! Yeah!! and she wants to have a the bridesmaids dressed like Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's. So we've been on the search for the right dress, the right pearls, we're still not sure about tiara's and possibly Wayfarer sunglasses. but with all this time and research into the look of Audrey I thought it was time to post another Fashion icon post.
I had always planned on posting about Audrey, but I kept staling since it seemed like such a give away. Of course she's a fashion Icon. No writer in the world would dare make a list and not have her in the top ten of all time. The woman is a MAJOR factor in Ray Ban's huge success and the return of the Wayfarer sunglasses which every other company is currently knocking off! Aside from her timeless films she had a timeless look. A woman today could wear any of her outfits and look chic and perfect. Her style was simple and classic.
So what should everyone every woman take from Audrey's Style?
  • Keep it simple!! Nothing wrong with a simple top and cropped pants. Who says you have to have four layers of clothing and a scarf to top it off?!
  • Every woman needs a LBD-Little Black Dress! I have three great go to LBDs. 
  • Embrace your Natural features!!! She had thick Eyebrows and a a short forehead, and she looked FABULOUS!!!
  • Be Kind, it make you even more beautiful! Not many folks know of Audrey's philanthropic work throughout her life but in Her later years she did a great deal of work with UNICEF and was even awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 
So there it is the few fashion rules I've gained thanks to Audrey Hepburn. Hope you use them as well. 

Missing Blogger

     So I know I've been MIA lately. Work has consumed my life lately. I had a rare break this past weekend or better said breakdown, and I had a chance to spend time with My precious little monster. I chose this industry and I do love it, but if you want to succeed you really have to give it your all. And Lately that's meant time away from my Daughter. So a day stuck at home (due to a broken down car) with her turned out to be the best thing to happen to me in months. I didn't take photos that day, it wasn't a day to be shared with all just a day for us two. But these are a couple of shots of a Summer Dinner on our tiny porch. Me taking an adult time out and my little one enjoying a sweet treat. 

I look like such a Lush! Sorry folks.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New York, Again

So I'm back in New stork again for work. This trip is already very different then last time. This time around it's just me and a new coworker. He seems like a nice enough guy but we aren't buddy like I am with our designer who was with me on my last trip.
Somehow my new coworker talked me into taking the train all the way from JFK to 42nd street rather than just pay for a taxi. Not sure if it was the money he was worried about but I didn't think taking the train was very convenient. Also this time around I packed a little more since this is a longer trip than last time and I had three large binders from work so my suitcase was heavy. I was tired ( our flight was at 7:20 am PST and I didn't get a chance to eat anything) I really needed to eat and rest and well hauling my stuff around the city wasn't on my do to list.
But we made it and in one piece. And our Hotel is actually kind of cool. It's definitely a tourist hotel, in fact I've heard at least six different languages in the first fifteen minutes of being here. But it's modern and different. The room is like a cruise room, compact and efficient. At first I was scared I didn't have enough space for my clothes but actually it worked out.
I ate dinner in the hotel restaurant. Nothing great but it filled me up and at the time anything would have done. Service wasn't great although I saw five waiters walking back and forth past me. I'll have to find other places to eat on this trip but for today it did the job, especially since it was my only meal of the day.
Any way that's day One. Tomorrow I get to build a booth, OK not really, I get to set up a booth. New York and I had a bad time together last time but this time I planned much better and I've set up dinners with friends. This time I plan on leaving New York happy. Oh and my trusty work bag decided to fall apart on me so at sometime tomorrow I have to find a new bag, a little shopping never hurt anyone. Wish me Luck.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well I'm not in New York, yet (I leave Friday), but I'm staying on top of all the fashion shows and so I figured I'd share my thoughts and a few highlights. First Christian Siriano. We all fell in love with this quirky personality on Project Runway. But I think there have always been at least one quirk we've liked every season , but forgotten quickly after. Christian is making sure the world never forgets his name. Now although his designs certainly weren't ground breaking or really that unique they were lovely and fun. I'd wear a few pieces.  These were a few personal favorites.

Photos from The Cut

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Happy Friday!
I just have one Thing to share with you guys today. A Single Happy Thought! A super cool find from Smiling Silver Smith.

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