Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Model Eating In a Magazine!!!

I was going through my usual blog posts and I came across This post on Fashion Gone Rouge. And I LOVED it! It's a Model in Vogue, OK Vogue Brazil, but it's still Vogue and she's eating! So here it is. For your enjoyment.

Shoes On The Brain! AGAIN!!

Monday, August 29, 2011


In truth I stopped watching this show LONG AGO. But we did a gifting suite for the VMAs and so I thought I'd actually check this year's show out. And I was quickly reminded why I stopped watching this show. Of course there were a few highlights. First I have to admit I didn't watch it live in fact. I recorded it and watched it a day later. There was only one press piece that actually had me wanting to watch the recording, the announcing of Beyonce's baby! Yeah!

Anyway I promise to to rant on too long but this show seemed Phoned in at times. I was weirded out by Lady Gaga's drag show, not because it was drag but because of how she spoke. Even accepting the award in character. And normally I like Gaga. So here's what I'm going to go I'm just going to rant a little and get this over with. Bear with me folks!

The back up dancers were really not that great.

What was Nikky Minaj wearing?!! (did I spell her name right? Who cares.)

Didn't Kim Kardashian get married shouldn't she be on her honeymoon?! Great start!

What was with Justin Bieber's Chains? REALLY?!!

Chris Brown's arial show, whoa.

Little girls doing Britney Spears, NOT COOL!

Katy what's with the Cube?

OK I'm done. Now I can talk about the good things. ADELE! I love Adele! And her performance was moving. That woman has a serious set of Pipes. The tribute to Amy Winehouse was lovely and I thought it was very good that they addressed her drug and alcohol abuse. They didn't pretend she was holy simply because she was dead. Then there was Bruno Mars......YUMMY!

I was very happy to see that there is a hot new trend in the music industry, people who can actually sing. Adele, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and of course Beyonce. It used to be maybe one or two true singers. I'm liking this, good job MTV you may finally be getting it. Or maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.
I guess time will tell but that means I'll have to watch next years show, nope sorry count me out, but thanks for the Laughs!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

MAGIC Show and My new iPad

This Last sales trip to Las Vegas had more free evenings for me then usual. And so I managed to find a great Sushi bar, take a dip in the pool, and I even saw some very interesting characters at the show.
All these photos were taken on my iPhone but edited on my iPad. I'm really loving my apple toys.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vogue Let Down!

This past Wednesday I was thrilled to find my coveted September issue of Vogue waiting for me. I ripped that baby open and started to flip though it, but then I realized it had been 67 pages before I found any content. And all I did find was the Table of content. Finally on page 210 I found some text but it was a short summary of what was going to be featured online. The first editorial is on page 376, which is roughly half the book! As we all know the September issue is the biggest issue of the year for Fashion magazines and Vogue holds the record for largest issue, however I'm thinking that title needs to be revoked. When 90% of your book is ads then it feels like a cheat. This issue is supposed to be the new years of Fashion, this is when we take a look at the upcoming trends of the new year and start planning. But this issue is light on the fashion and EXTREMELY heavy on the advertisements. Epic FAIL! Vogue your losing your touch!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Word Is Finally Out!!

Why have I been missing? What could possibly have me so busy that I haven't posted on my beloved blog? Well I can finally show you. As previously mentioned my company has decided to jump into the world of Footwear. And up until now it's been very hush hush. But this past week was the unveiling of the new collection and overall it was a HUGE Success. We got great feedback and even met with several Majors. It looks like Nicole Lee Footwear is going to be great. We even won a little award for our booth. All kinds of photos were taken and I was interviewed for the FN Platform website, I'll post the link once it goes live. So here are a few photos from my trip enjoy! And rest assured I'll get back to writing!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello Readers!
To those of you who have faithfully follow this blog I am sorry for my Lack of posts. Life has been a bit crazy right now. I'm going to be traveling a lot for work from now till 2012. And so when i came across this post on Paper Fashion I had to Share it with you. It's a perfect depiction of my life right now.

I'm working on getting a new Mobile device so that I can more consistently post! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Las Vegas

I just came back from the longest trip ever to Las Vegas. I've been to Vegas several times now for work, never for fun. In fact I've never been in Vegas and had a party night really. I don't feel like I'm missing anything though. Anyway I was in Vegas for another Show and this time it was a much longer trip and a bit of a tense one for me. In fact by second day I found myself crying in a bathroom stall so not the highlight of the trip.  I was relying on internet for entertainment but I had a serious road block in that department. Forgive me as I rant it just this really did suck. We stayed at the Hilton in Las Vegas because our show was being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the two locations are sort of connected. Well on first day in our hotel I tried to connect to the internet and to my horror the internet was not free!!! In fact it was $15 per laptop per room. Are you kidding me?!!! What was even stranger was we had a large Suite for this trip, not a standard. Also it wasn't just me in the room with a Laptop, our Office assistant had gone on the trip as well and she brought her laptop. So if we wanted internet it would be $30 bucks a day!!! That idea was a no go. I wasn't too upset at this moment though because I knew I would be at the Convention center most of the time and past  MAGIC shows I had attended they always had free WiFi for exhibitors. Well I was there for the ASD show (feel free to ignore these show names, unless your in fashion they really don't matter.), and apparently WiFi is not free during the ASD show. But now I was desperate so I figured I would pay for WiFi in the convention center.  
$99!!!!!!!!!!!!! A DAY!!!!
I nearly choked on my coffee and actually cursed out loud. Luckily our music was a bit loud and so my foul mouth went unnoticed. I was practically off the grid, the only connection to the rest of the world was my cell phone.  I used my phone so much I'm surprised it didn't die more often then it did. Anyway with all that free time what I did do is take goofy photos so here are a few highlights. 

If you can't tell I got a bit bored for a while there.

My Arm Party

Hello Folks!!! So sorry for my long absence I've been swamped with work and away on a Business trip. And can you believe it but I had no internet. Or better said no free internet anywhere. I'll tell you the story in another post. But today I am sharing another Bloggers Do it Better Assignment. This time it's one trend that I've been all over. The Arm Party!!! A collection of Bangles, friendship bracelets, watches and assorted trinkets all piled together on your wrist. I've been loving this trend because it's allowed to tap into my crafty side and make small pieces that take no time at all.

So here are a few photos of my Arm Parties!
This shot has several pieces I made. The first bangle with Embroidery thread on it, a wrap bracelet, and a wrap around rope piece as well.

I had a huge collection of bangles and I was so happy to use them again.

A simple stacking, my watch was he only large piece and even that's not very big.