Monday, August 29, 2011


In truth I stopped watching this show LONG AGO. But we did a gifting suite for the VMAs and so I thought I'd actually check this year's show out. And I was quickly reminded why I stopped watching this show. Of course there were a few highlights. First I have to admit I didn't watch it live in fact. I recorded it and watched it a day later. There was only one press piece that actually had me wanting to watch the recording, the announcing of Beyonce's baby! Yeah!

Anyway I promise to to rant on too long but this show seemed Phoned in at times. I was weirded out by Lady Gaga's drag show, not because it was drag but because of how she spoke. Even accepting the award in character. And normally I like Gaga. So here's what I'm going to go I'm just going to rant a little and get this over with. Bear with me folks!

The back up dancers were really not that great.

What was Nikky Minaj wearing?!! (did I spell her name right? Who cares.)

Didn't Kim Kardashian get married shouldn't she be on her honeymoon?! Great start!

What was with Justin Bieber's Chains? REALLY?!!

Chris Brown's arial show, whoa.

Little girls doing Britney Spears, NOT COOL!

Katy what's with the Cube?

OK I'm done. Now I can talk about the good things. ADELE! I love Adele! And her performance was moving. That woman has a serious set of Pipes. The tribute to Amy Winehouse was lovely and I thought it was very good that they addressed her drug and alcohol abuse. They didn't pretend she was holy simply because she was dead. Then there was Bruno Mars......YUMMY!

I was very happy to see that there is a hot new trend in the music industry, people who can actually sing. Adele, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and of course Beyonce. It used to be maybe one or two true singers. I'm liking this, good job MTV you may finally be getting it. Or maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.
I guess time will tell but that means I'll have to watch next years show, nope sorry count me out, but thanks for the Laughs!

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