Friday, August 5, 2011

Las Vegas

I just came back from the longest trip ever to Las Vegas. I've been to Vegas several times now for work, never for fun. In fact I've never been in Vegas and had a party night really. I don't feel like I'm missing anything though. Anyway I was in Vegas for another Show and this time it was a much longer trip and a bit of a tense one for me. In fact by second day I found myself crying in a bathroom stall so not the highlight of the trip.  I was relying on internet for entertainment but I had a serious road block in that department. Forgive me as I rant it just this really did suck. We stayed at the Hilton in Las Vegas because our show was being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the two locations are sort of connected. Well on first day in our hotel I tried to connect to the internet and to my horror the internet was not free!!! In fact it was $15 per laptop per room. Are you kidding me?!!! What was even stranger was we had a large Suite for this trip, not a standard. Also it wasn't just me in the room with a Laptop, our Office assistant had gone on the trip as well and she brought her laptop. So if we wanted internet it would be $30 bucks a day!!! That idea was a no go. I wasn't too upset at this moment though because I knew I would be at the Convention center most of the time and past  MAGIC shows I had attended they always had free WiFi for exhibitors. Well I was there for the ASD show (feel free to ignore these show names, unless your in fashion they really don't matter.), and apparently WiFi is not free during the ASD show. But now I was desperate so I figured I would pay for WiFi in the convention center.  
$99!!!!!!!!!!!!! A DAY!!!!
I nearly choked on my coffee and actually cursed out loud. Luckily our music was a bit loud and so my foul mouth went unnoticed. I was practically off the grid, the only connection to the rest of the world was my cell phone.  I used my phone so much I'm surprised it didn't die more often then it did. Anyway with all that free time what I did do is take goofy photos so here are a few highlights. 

If you can't tell I got a bit bored for a while there.

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