Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday!

  Today is Cesar Chavez's Birthday. And for me this day actually has some meaning. My Parents both worked for the United Farm Workers. As a child I had all kinds of resentment about the job because I was yanked from my beloved Los Angeles and moved to a TINY little town called Tehachapi (enough said right?). Note I was only 9 at the time but moving from a massive city to a Town that didn't have a theatre, department store, or even a major food chain, well that's a bit of a culture shock.  But quickly I learned that my parents were doing a great thing.  The UFW was a wonderful and very much needed organization. We all happily eat our produces without any consideration of where it came from and who harvested it. But there were people working for less then the cost of a Venti Mocha Latte each day picking that food for us. Cesar has helped to changed that, and his family and comrades have picked up the torch and carried it on for him.
  As I said I was very young when I knew Cesar, but I have one fond memory that has stuck with me through the decades. Candy, Cesar always had a stash of candy in his desk drawer and all of the children of his employees would visit his office and get a candy. Even though he was a very busy man he always took time to talk to us and give us a treat. Just further proof of what a good  man he was.
Que Viva Cesar Chavez!!

UFW Flag

This is how I remember him

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Hero!

I did a study abroad in London when I was in college and while I was there the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) was having an exhibit dedicated to Vivienne Westwood. I visited the exhibit for extra credit but on that day my world changed. Having taken Pattern draping I look at each and every one of her designs in total amazement. It was love and total admiration at first site. Most look at her designs and think they look messy, but they never had to drape a dress. It actually takes a skilled hand to make the fabric fall the way she does and keep it on the body.  But what really clinched it for me was the fact that she was the mother of Punk Fashion!!!! LA Times described Vivienne's aesthetic as "Punk meets Polite" and I like to think of my self as the same. I picked up a book, Postcards, and several Buttons with her logo and other trademarks and have cherish each ever since. It's been years and I have had favorite collections and not so favorite collections from other designers but Vivienne has been my all time favorite and every thing she makes has me in Awe.

From the Exhibit-1994

I was practically drooling when the finally open her First US Store Right here in Los Angeles!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Thoughts

1.       A perfect Vanilla Cupcake

2.       Manicure with a fun color just for Me!

3.       Lazy Day with My favorite little monster

4.       Catching up with my Girls

5.       Weekend Mini Break

Monday, March 28, 2011

Laptops, Wedges, and iPads Oh my!

I am in need of a new lap top. At work it's all PCs but at Home I'm a Mac girl all the way! I want the iPad but I need more then it has to offer and so I really should get a Laptop. But I can't make up my mind. I've been shopping online, comparing prices and features weighing the options. Somewhere along the way I came across shoes and then It was over. I was suddenly shoe shopping. I bought a pair of shoes a month ago from Steve Madden that I love and so I thought they needed company and that was it. This must be a form of Adult Attention deficit, but with special parameters,"don't bother talking to her once she's seen shoes!"

Steve Maddens

Steve Madden

Only the Bold! And Only in my dreams, these are Louboutins

Vintage on Etsy

Can never go wrong with a good pair of Espadrilles

These are the Pair that started it all! I love these shoes.

Korean BBQ

Ok so just to start, I'm a vegetarian. So now your asking why in heaven's name would I visit a Korean Bar-B-Que? Well it was my good friend John's Birthday and so the choice of Venue was not up to me. Se La Vie! The Road to Seoul in Korea Town Los Angeles. But this isn't the first Korean bar-b-que I've been too. In fact I have been frequenting Korean BBQ lately. A good number of my coworkers are Korean and on our last business trip we had dinner at two different places.
What made this place stand out? Well first of there was a Mob of People waiting to get a table. If the Fire Marshall had walked in he would have shut the place down. So I figured it had to be good. We had a reservation and still waited half an hour-Ughh. we finally get our table and then I look at the menu and find i have a small dilemma. Everything on the menu was some sort of meat. "It's cool I was going to go on a diet anyway". But then I remembered the name of a dish I was recommended on my last Korean BBQ visit. A silly name but a rather hearty meal, and vegetarian at that! Bi Bim Bap! I ask and they were kind enough to prepare it, but not before asking me why I came to their restaurant if I was vegetarian. It's just Rice with vegetables, most of which are lightly pickled and on this visit they threw in a fried egg.  It was all delicious, the service was terrible in fact our waitress was rather rude, but I'm told that's part of the charm of this place.

Bi Bim Bap!

Korean Beer and Bar-B-Que

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sick Day

Yesterday was a sick day for me. Anytime I'm under the weather and actually have to miss work because of it, I try to imagine I'm getting my rest in a far off and tropical place with no cares or worries. Otherwise I try to check my email and do work! Having images like the one below help. I could live in this place.
Well, my sick day is over and better or not work awaits and I must return to reality.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I think my cover was blown this weekend. My lack of cool was perfectly clear, oh well.

 All in All the event was great. Friday was a little slow but Saturday Evening (the night of our runway) was jam packed! A few celebrity sitings Jeremy Piven (love him), Ron Jeremy (watch out), and the dance crew Quest. I've been told there were others but I barely got away from our Design suite to find out for myself.
 Natures Mistake was there screening printing T-shirts on the spot, proceeds went to Relief in Japan. They are a super cool group of people and they make some really great shirts. I picked up a Mic Malice t-shirt in Black and white, Already a favorite.
I was so proud to have been a part of this show and thrilled that it all came together so nicely. I can't belive how quickly it was all done. Special Thanks to the girls at The Gallery LA for all their hard work and help. And I look forward to working with them again next runway show.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Los Angeles Fashion Week

Hello! I can't seem to think of who I'm writing this for. Perhaps no one but either way I have to put it out there. First let me just tell you I'm not cool. Not in the slightest, in fact I'm a dork. In truth I'm proud to be a dork. But some how I managed to get into the one industry that isn't very accepting of dorks. I work in the Fashion Industry. And even worse is I am the sales Manager and PR Corrdinator for a rather large handbag company. What does that matter? Well usually these positions are held by people who are most definately cool, and hip, and on top of the hottest trends. I try, but I tend to just get lucky.
My house of cards may just come tumbling down tonight. Tonight is the first night of LA Fashion Week, one of the first big projects I was given. And a project Done solely by me. So the panic is setting in. Of all the places were my lack of cool would stand out, a Fashion show is the epitome. But here we go. Let my freak flag fly! More to come......