Monday, March 28, 2011

Korean BBQ

Ok so just to start, I'm a vegetarian. So now your asking why in heaven's name would I visit a Korean Bar-B-Que? Well it was my good friend John's Birthday and so the choice of Venue was not up to me. Se La Vie! The Road to Seoul in Korea Town Los Angeles. But this isn't the first Korean bar-b-que I've been too. In fact I have been frequenting Korean BBQ lately. A good number of my coworkers are Korean and on our last business trip we had dinner at two different places.
What made this place stand out? Well first of there was a Mob of People waiting to get a table. If the Fire Marshall had walked in he would have shut the place down. So I figured it had to be good. We had a reservation and still waited half an hour-Ughh. we finally get our table and then I look at the menu and find i have a small dilemma. Everything on the menu was some sort of meat. "It's cool I was going to go on a diet anyway". But then I remembered the name of a dish I was recommended on my last Korean BBQ visit. A silly name but a rather hearty meal, and vegetarian at that! Bi Bim Bap! I ask and they were kind enough to prepare it, but not before asking me why I came to their restaurant if I was vegetarian. It's just Rice with vegetables, most of which are lightly pickled and on this visit they threw in a fried egg.  It was all delicious, the service was terrible in fact our waitress was rather rude, but I'm told that's part of the charm of this place.

Bi Bim Bap!

Korean Beer and Bar-B-Que

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