Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Hero!

I did a study abroad in London when I was in college and while I was there the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) was having an exhibit dedicated to Vivienne Westwood. I visited the exhibit for extra credit but on that day my world changed. Having taken Pattern draping I look at each and every one of her designs in total amazement. It was love and total admiration at first site. Most look at her designs and think they look messy, but they never had to drape a dress. It actually takes a skilled hand to make the fabric fall the way she does and keep it on the body.  But what really clinched it for me was the fact that she was the mother of Punk Fashion!!!! LA Times described Vivienne's aesthetic as "Punk meets Polite" and I like to think of my self as the same. I picked up a book, Postcards, and several Buttons with her logo and other trademarks and have cherish each ever since. It's been years and I have had favorite collections and not so favorite collections from other designers but Vivienne has been my all time favorite and every thing she makes has me in Awe.

From the Exhibit-1994

I was practically drooling when the finally open her First US Store Right here in Los Angeles!!!!

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