Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Whole New world

So I'm back to work and so far it's no problem, but Shows are coming up and I'm getting more and more nervous. The product I sell tends to sell best for a particular group of people. Rockabilly!  I am not rockabilly. I know this but I do appreciate a vintage inspired dress Ala Mad Men or Pan Am. The February Vogue had a spread with Vintage style pieces that I was drooling over.We have some styles similar to that feel but for the most part our product is Pin Up and Rockabilly. These are very different things mind you. So what have been up to?
Studying!!!! And big surprise I'm out of my League, but I'm loving it. This "Scene" is fascinating! These people seen like such fun and so far they have been so sweet! I feel like I'm on an alien planet.  Anyway I'll be happy to share more experiences as they happen but right now I wanted to share some of my research and a few sites that below to my customers.
Huge Rockabilly event In Vegas!!!

Photo of Last Years Viva Las Vegas Event

Pin Up Style

The Gents!

Our Competitor, Sort of.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ms. Etta James

Just Paying Respect! I can't say anything about this woman that isn't better described than in this clip!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fashion Icon-Brigitte Bardot

So I figured it was time for another Fashion Icon Piece. The last two had such great results, Thanks for that Folks. This posts Fashion Icon Is Brigitte Bardot "A sex Symbol through the Ages" according to Time magazine. And I would personally have to agree. This woman is the reason woman aren't hitting the beaches in huge one pieces. Brigitte is the reason the Bikini became popular and has become the staple it is today. She starred in the film "the Girl in the Bikini" and made this radical new swim suit an instant success. She was gorgeous! The only other woman in history who has even come close as far as being a sex symbol would have to be Marilyn Monroe.
What I loved most about her was her Curves! She wasn't a twig she had healthy curves that drove men mad. I respect her for that and really wish we could get back to that type of mentality again. Curves are GOOD!
Other Signature Bardot Features.....
Thick, Dark, And sexy Lashes. Falsies will be required to get that look. 
Thick Black eye liner.
A big Pouty mouth doesn't hurt also. I'd use a Lip Plumping gloss with a light tint. 
Other then Mascara and Liner she tends to keep the face make up simple and Natural another thing I love.  She was proud of her body and happy to show it off but always strategically covered.

Now for the fun stuff these are just a few photos I found that I loved. But there were plenty. I would recommend Time Magazines Page dedicated to Brigitte Bardot.It's very informative.

Last three Photos Found Here

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vice Admiral Fuzzy Von Mittens

So a lot happened during my down time, but one significant thing happened. I became a cat lady. At least that's what my lovely friend Byron calls me now. But this past November we made an addition to our little family. We adopted a cat. We got him from one of the Cat rescue groups that are always at Petco on Saturdays. At first we thought it would be easy. Fill out a paper, pay a fee, and get a cat. nope these are hardcore folks and so they had to review our application they met all three of us and then checked out our home. It was intense.
But we got a cat. His name was already decided on before we even decided to get him. Gary has always had cats that have some sort of military rank. His childhood cat being Captain Meowser. And then he even convinced his sister to add a rank to her cat, Sergeant Pepper. But he was saving a special name for when he would have a cat of his own and that is how my cat got the longest name in the world! Vice Admiral Fuzzy Von Mittens. He was hoping he'd get a tough cat that could live indoors and outdoors, but the Admiral is a house cat. He was bottle fed as a baby and so he's a cuddler. Right away he and I hit it off. He's very patient and so he can handle Leila's craziness. But most of all he's got character.
He's been a great addition to the home and so from time to time you may see him in this blog. So I wanted to formally introduce you to the Admiral.

Even My sister is in Love with him.

Even when he's allowed to go out side he prefers to just look.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Bringing Back the Roaring Twenties

I was so excited to see a turn in fashion trends and a growing popularity in Twenties styles. But My jaw nearly dropped out when I saw Albertta Feretti's Pre-Fall 2012 Collection. It is all Twenties inspired pieces. I was drooling over all of it. I figured we would see this trend come back soon with the much anticipated Remake of The great Gatsby, but I never thought it would hit before the Film release.  The pieces in this collection are, simply put, Gorgeous! I had to share. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

All photos found on

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Changing the Look of Beautiful

This past week there was an article released which raised a few eyebrows in the Fashion world. Personally it seemed like a long time coming to me. The change in model sizes has been a hot button issue for some time now but it seems to me that it's becoming an inevitable thing now. Current runway models and even print models are so thin they look as though they should be on those adopt a child programs. "For only 50 cents a day you can feed a model." It's sick really.
Personally I have always had issue with this. I love fashion because I think clothing and the design of it is beautiful. I think clothing should be made to flatter the body. We shouldn't have to Change our bodies to fit or flatter an outfit. As I type this I know I'm guilty of being caught up in this craziness. Didn't I just tell you about the numerous types of spanx I own? So there you go even I'm guilty.
In this January issue of Plus Model Magazine they released an article that added fuel to the fire that is the Model Debate. Photos of Plus Size Model Katya Zharkova completely naked with Facts about size and Models around her. The model herself looks beautiful. But it's the facts that make my stomach turn. The most jarring being that "Most runway models meet the body mass index physical criteria for anorexia." I'm telling you we all need to adopt a model and feed her!
Of course this article is only the most recent article to spotlight the fashion industries adherence to THEIR Standards of Norm. In the past year there was an increase of Trans gender models as well. Lea T the most famous of them all has been burning a new path for all. She was the first Transgender model to be featured in a Swim Campaign, A Brazilian Label Named Blue Man. And was even photographed by Fashion Photography icon Terry Richardson. She made it possible for models such as Adrej Pejic and newest model Valentijn de Hingh to even have a chance. Let me just say that if no one had told me Lea T was once a man I never would have guessed. She's gorgeous!!! I'm actually very jealous.

But there it is. The world is changing. Fashion is all about change, well at least it should be. And although not everyone is on board with these recent changes I'm sure they too will come along sooner or later. Let's start with feeding the models though. It's a fairly easy change to make. Anorexia just isn't pretty.

Photos From Plus Model Magazine
Adrej Pejic Photo found Here.

Valentijn de Hingh Photo found Here.
Lea T!!!! Photo found Here.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Importance of Underwear!

Yes I said Underwear. But what I really mean is under garments. It's around that time of year when my clutter has grown to such an extent that I have to start getting rid of stuff. This happens about four times each year. Right ow it's really bad. So I started going through things and immediately gave up.
Why? What could possibly have scared me so quickly? My underwear drawer. Actually Drawers! I have four in total. Two in my dresser and two in my closet. It's a bit insane.
As I have gotten older and I hope wiser I've learned that there are certain undergarments necessary for specific outfits. About seven years back I discovered Spanx for myself and so I have a whole collection of those. Then came Slips, and Girdles, and all kinds of horribly uncomfortable undergarments that helped me look good.
Staring at this collection of stuff had me dizzy! It so funny how quickly life can change. I used to strongly object to the existence of the Thong let alone the G-string. I just couldn't handle them. But then a friend pointed out my panty lines at a dance (yes we're talking High school) and that was it. I bought the Thong. I hated it, I'm certain we all do! So I tried a G String, That wasn't any better. But of course it cured my Panty line problem. That was it! The Thong was like my Gateway drug! Once you start there is no going back. And the moment I gave into the Spanx, well those are like Crack. They are the hardcore stuff you just can't go without. Once you go Spanx you never go back! Other simple things started getting thrown into the mix. With the trend of long skirts coming back I found use of Slips again, especially extra Long Slips for all those Maxi Skirts from last year.
It was like an Avalanche of Spandex, Silk, and Cotton. Special bras that won't show and special bras that are meant to show. Tights ad Leggings in Every color and Pattern. Corsets, Girdles to be more accurate. the ever growing collection of Spanx for every possible cut of dress.  It's unending. And the worst part of it all Is I can't bring myself to get rid of a single thing.
And so My Winter Clean up will have to begin somewhere else. Perhaps my Socks. That should be easy enough.... : /

Photo Found Here

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Shoe Madness

I came across this shoes designer while doing my usual Fashion Research. I was blown away entirely! These designs are incredible. I had to share.
Kobi Levi is a Shoe designer with a vivid imagination, and the skills to bring his imaginations to fruition. He has his own Blog where he shares his creations. I would recommend checking it out. But I've picked a few of my favorites to share with you here. EnjoY!

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