Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Importance of Underwear!

Yes I said Underwear. But what I really mean is under garments. It's around that time of year when my clutter has grown to such an extent that I have to start getting rid of stuff. This happens about four times each year. Right ow it's really bad. So I started going through things and immediately gave up.
Why? What could possibly have scared me so quickly? My underwear drawer. Actually Drawers! I have four in total. Two in my dresser and two in my closet. It's a bit insane.
As I have gotten older and I hope wiser I've learned that there are certain undergarments necessary for specific outfits. About seven years back I discovered Spanx for myself and so I have a whole collection of those. Then came Slips, and Girdles, and all kinds of horribly uncomfortable undergarments that helped me look good.
Staring at this collection of stuff had me dizzy! It so funny how quickly life can change. I used to strongly object to the existence of the Thong let alone the G-string. I just couldn't handle them. But then a friend pointed out my panty lines at a dance (yes we're talking High school) and that was it. I bought the Thong. I hated it, I'm certain we all do! So I tried a G String, That wasn't any better. But of course it cured my Panty line problem. That was it! The Thong was like my Gateway drug! Once you start there is no going back. And the moment I gave into the Spanx, well those are like Crack. They are the hardcore stuff you just can't go without. Once you go Spanx you never go back! Other simple things started getting thrown into the mix. With the trend of long skirts coming back I found use of Slips again, especially extra Long Slips for all those Maxi Skirts from last year.
It was like an Avalanche of Spandex, Silk, and Cotton. Special bras that won't show and special bras that are meant to show. Tights ad Leggings in Every color and Pattern. Corsets, Girdles to be more accurate. the ever growing collection of Spanx for every possible cut of dress.  It's unending. And the worst part of it all Is I can't bring myself to get rid of a single thing.
And so My Winter Clean up will have to begin somewhere else. Perhaps my Socks. That should be easy enough.... : /

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