Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time to Get back to Work!

Hello Folks! Well actually at this point all readers of this sad excuse for a Blog have probably given up hope. I don't blame you. I would to if I were you! But it's a new year!  Of course we have all set our New Year's Resolutions. Mine are simple and kind of vague just so it's easier for me to keep them. All but one that is. That one being to really try to work on my blog this year. I plan to actually organize my posts and give you guys some sort of consistency and structure and hopefully make this a blog worth reading. As for my other Resolutions I have no problems sharing couple with you.

Get Healthy
Yes Vague but let me tell you what that has meant so far. I'm actually trying to work out more then Once every two weeks. I've already made huge changes to my diet. And I'm trying to cut back on the unhealthy snacks. For example Each day I find myself craving sweets. It's my biggest vice. Desserts! They call my name everyday, all day. Now I haven't shaken the habit yet but I'm working on taking control of it. Rather then eat the Candy or the ice cream I want I snack on something else that's better for me. Lately I've swapped out my craving for a Snickers for Almond Pecan Crunch. It's slightly sweet so I think I'm getting what I want but It's a small bite and ten times better for me! Yeah Me! We'll see how long it lasts. I'm staying positive but I have to admit I have a horrible track record.

Stay Positive!! 
Easy right? You'd think but I last year I found myself in not so pretty mind sets and I don't want to go there again. I've started a new Job, close to home, easier hours, and so far significantly less stress! So I am enjoying my time and living a life. And when life throws me it's usual curve balls I'm trying to stay cool. Again We'll see how long this lasts but so far so good.

Pretty Basic stuff Huh? yeah but, and I know I'm not alone in this, we all loose track of these simple things and let all the other stuff get in the way. This year I'm keeping it simple and hopefully everything else will follow. Feel free to join me in my quest!

Happy Year guys, let make 2012 a memorable year!

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