Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life's Little Twists and Turns.

Hello Folks!
Sorry for falling off the face of the earth AGAIN. Perhaps you remember this post. Well I had to leave after all. And although I was all prepped for it initially, life threw me a curve ball. And the work I had hoped to start ASAP was pushed out till January. So what does that mean? Vacation I guess and well a search for other possible work. But Life really is funny, As I have mentioned, My sister is getting married. The day of her Bridal shower I would have been in New York selling Shoes if I had been working still. So instead of missing that I was not only able to attend but I helped. And with the Actual ceremony is coming in a couple weeks I can actually be a real part of it. Also December is a super crazy month for me. Not just because of Christmas and New Years but also because of my Daughters Birthday and My Mother-in-Laws, Nephews Birthday, and my sister-in-laws Birthday. Throw a wedding in the mix and who has time for work? Especially a poisonous job filled with anxiety and hostility.

So I've taken the down time to remind myself of what having a life feels like. And let me tell you it feels great! So my posts for the next month will be about Life and not so much Fashion. It is me we're talking about though and so there will be some!

View from Echo Mountain, Pasadena, CA

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