Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When I was eight or Nine Jellies were the coolest thing to wear, I very quickly learned that was SOOO not true. It was a fashion world lie. Jellies were uncomfortable and well gross. Which is why I was shocked when they came back. I laughed and then dismissed the trend sure that people would get over them quickly and never look back again. While doing my usual Fashion reading I came across a Fashion post on Elle.com.

I couldn't believe it, Jellies still around, not just still around but still cool?!!!! Please say it ain't so. I'll admit the styles are better looking then back in the eighties but still they don't look much more comfortable. I'm sorry but I don't think this is a trend I will be following again. Here are few styles that aren't too bad to look at but will not be donning my feet.
Love Vivienne, but no.

Closest to the jellies I knew of the Eighties

Cute but seem more like fun in theory.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Into the Wild......Sort of.

Tomorrow is the first day of my Annual Camping trip. YEAH!!! I'm swapping in my Aldo pumps for Teva Sandals, My Maxi skirt for my Worn and torn jeans and Abandoning all jewelry and some makeup! I get to release the inner Tomboy and just hang out. No email. No blog. No press updates. No Work of any kind!!! My iPhone will only serve as a fancy gameboy.  I am so ready to go! Much love to you all and I will be sure to post Photos upon my return to society!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Under My Skin

So I'm a vegetarian, not by choice it's a stomach thing and a very long story. But I've been a vegetarian for most of my life, and so now I'm starting to notice that the smell of meat cooking is kind of gross. Not too bad,  not bad enough to stop cooking it for my family but definitely noticeable. Another thing I've slowly been getting weirder and weirder about is leather goods. I tend to stay away. I get a little freaked at the idea of it. However much like meat it's not an absolute. If I see a killer pair of shoes I won't really hesitate simply because it's leather. I don't own any fur though, The fashion just doesn't appeal to me.
However today I did see something that irked me. It was a Stingray Leather Clutch, from Pantera.  I actually had a physical reaction in my stomach. I don't know if this means I should just join PETA and get it over with but I just can't condone a Stingray Purse. It's sad to me.  What do you think?
They also offer this bag in Lizard.
Embossed Leather not Snake-Why doesn't this freak me?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Daydreams for the Weekend!

This weekend is going to be busy and filled with a long list of "To Dos" and the another funeral. Not much of a sunshine and smiles kind of weekend. So I am going to hold on to these few things.....

I've been in desperate need of new perfume. I finally Settled on Lilac and Gardenia form Pacifica, time to shop. Looking forward to this one errand.

I'll have to dream of these for a while. Spotted a lady wearing them last Night and drooled.

I've been craving Godiva Chocolates, A must buy this weekend!

I plan on doing a little bit of fashion reading this weekend.
Here's hoping I can Sneak in some Needed rest.

If you can't Make it, Fake it!

So here is a perfect example of how I am an accidental Fashionista. I'm still learning how to comb my hair! Growing up my family was more concerned with expanding our knowledge and developing our characters, make up, Cool but expensive shoes, and pricey hair stylings were not a part of that. So my fashion education started late, but I've been actively studying for years now. I know the techniques in theory but I can't seem to put them into action. Hair is a particularly troublesome process. After many botched hair dos, including a terrible pixie cut, Hot pink Bangs, and a butchering from a cheap unisex salon in attempts to save money, I know what works and what doesn't. I have a Fabulous stylist and every time I go in I always say I want something new and fun, and I always leave with a mild variation of my previous cut. WHY?!! Well, it's because the truth is although when I leave the salon it may look fabulous I am incapable  of recreating the styling on my own.
So what do I do? Well lately I've been faking it. I found a fun little tool at the Drugstore a month ago. And I've been using it constantly. It's The Conair Bun Maker. My hair is a Shoulder length bob, Demibob as I've come to learn. Barely long enough to use this tool, but gets clean results. What I do to add a fashionable flair is do a low side ponytail, and then use the Bun Maker to do a side bun. I leave it a little messy to add a touch of realism. If it looked too good every one would know it was faked somehow. So there it is, I have faked hair skill. To make a truly perfect bun like this tool does is extremely Difficult. Considering my dismal skills this tool is the only way I will ever be able to achieve this hair style. So there it is!

I accept my lack of skill and have chosen to JUST FAKE IT!!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPad Envy

So let it be known I am an Apple Junkie. Long ago back when I was a freshman in college I used to stick my tongue out at all things apple, perhaps simply because I didn't have one and definitely because I had never used one. But now I'm surrounded. My first Apple was a Power book back in 2003, after several years as a Design Student I finally gave in. And I haven't looked back since. I've got an iMac at home in the Jumbo size, iPhone, and an iPod. Yes I have both an iPhone and an iPod, I have a massive audio library, my iPod can barely handle it.
So as you may have guessed I have my eyes on an iPad. I wasn't interested in the iPad1 because we all knew it was only going to get better. Then came  TWO, and by that time I had also squirreled away enough money for the one I wanted. BUT my better half asked me to please wait, upcoming family events and other possible expenses may hit and the money could be put to better use. I Pouted for days but agreed. Then the very worst happened, my Boss bought THREE new shiny iPads for himself, our VP, and our Executive Director. No this is not actually bad, the bad part came after. Our Executive Director and I tend to do many meetings and Business trips together. Our New York trip came days after he got his iPad2. This is where it gets awful. He knows nothing of Apple products, in fact it is my understanding that he didn't even have an iTunes account, still doesn't!! Every two minutes he was asking me questions about his new toy. Taunting me with it. He really hasn't even begun to unravel the potential of it and that just makes it so much worse for me.  But as it turned out my Darling Man was right and sure enough there were other expenses that popped up on us. Car Repairs, Camping, and a slue of other things. And my iPad stash has been cut in half. I'm still hopeful and I'm always looking for ways to get one.
Finally the silver lining on this story. I follow a gaggle of other blogs both for fun and for professional reasons. One particularly delightful Blog "DESIGN FOR MANKIND" is having a giveaway, and to my utter delight it's and iPad2. So today's post is not just a venting of my frustrations but an attempt to remedy them. You can check it out as well, simply click here. From the looks of it the odds are slim, but I'm thinking the mere hope of winning may be enough to keep me from steaming for a few weeks.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Runway Love

I've been in the business end of Fashion for a long time now, and so I don't do many Fashion Runway shows anymore. So I rely on Vogue for all my Runway updates. I was thrilled this morning while doing my daily Fashion reading and updates to find the review of Oscar De La Renta's Resort 2012 Runway show. It was wonderful! The inspiration of Cubism was present in every piece along with a splash of Spanish flare. It is such a beautiful interpretation of the Artistic movement that I wished I could buy every piece. This is why I have stayed a fashion addict so long, because of gorgeous work like this. Here are my top picks. Mind you there were 62 I think I did very well on editing down.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Roger Hargreaves 76th Birthday

This week started with a Famous Birthday and ended with Jason's Favorite day. Personally I take more interest in the birthday since it's the birthday of a major influence in my life Roger Hargreaves.  My Parents bought a whole collection of his books for me as a young child. I loved "Little Miss Sunshine". And so on Monday  I was thrilled to see that Google had honored Hargreaves with several doodles. So enjoy and if you haven't read these I highly recommend them. Oh and Happy Friday the 13th, Stay Lucky!

Love it! All the ones below are characters I relate to.

More of an issue when I was younger.

Me right Now!

Definitely me right now

Proud to say it's always been me! At least I hope so.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New York Photos

I know these are way overdue but here you go. There aren't many because this trip as I had suspected turned out to be all business and not very much play with the exception of dinner and cocktail with clients. Oh well, C'est La Vie!


Great view

Funky little bar in Midtown-Live Bait.

Time Square, essential a over crowded Advertisement.

A shot of our hotel from the Bar across the street.

We were around the corner from here and never had a chance to go up.