Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Under My Skin

So I'm a vegetarian, not by choice it's a stomach thing and a very long story. But I've been a vegetarian for most of my life, and so now I'm starting to notice that the smell of meat cooking is kind of gross. Not too bad,  not bad enough to stop cooking it for my family but definitely noticeable. Another thing I've slowly been getting weirder and weirder about is leather goods. I tend to stay away. I get a little freaked at the idea of it. However much like meat it's not an absolute. If I see a killer pair of shoes I won't really hesitate simply because it's leather. I don't own any fur though, The fashion just doesn't appeal to me.
However today I did see something that irked me. It was a Stingray Leather Clutch, from Pantera.  I actually had a physical reaction in my stomach. I don't know if this means I should just join PETA and get it over with but I just can't condone a Stingray Purse. It's sad to me.  What do you think?
They also offer this bag in Lizard.
Embossed Leather not Snake-Why doesn't this freak me?

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