Friday, May 20, 2011

If you can't Make it, Fake it!

So here is a perfect example of how I am an accidental Fashionista. I'm still learning how to comb my hair! Growing up my family was more concerned with expanding our knowledge and developing our characters, make up, Cool but expensive shoes, and pricey hair stylings were not a part of that. So my fashion education started late, but I've been actively studying for years now. I know the techniques in theory but I can't seem to put them into action. Hair is a particularly troublesome process. After many botched hair dos, including a terrible pixie cut, Hot pink Bangs, and a butchering from a cheap unisex salon in attempts to save money, I know what works and what doesn't. I have a Fabulous stylist and every time I go in I always say I want something new and fun, and I always leave with a mild variation of my previous cut. WHY?!! Well, it's because the truth is although when I leave the salon it may look fabulous I am incapable  of recreating the styling on my own.
So what do I do? Well lately I've been faking it. I found a fun little tool at the Drugstore a month ago. And I've been using it constantly. It's The Conair Bun Maker. My hair is a Shoulder length bob, Demibob as I've come to learn. Barely long enough to use this tool, but gets clean results. What I do to add a fashionable flair is do a low side ponytail, and then use the Bun Maker to do a side bun. I leave it a little messy to add a touch of realism. If it looked too good every one would know it was faked somehow. So there it is, I have faked hair skill. To make a truly perfect bun like this tool does is extremely Difficult. Considering my dismal skills this tool is the only way I will ever be able to achieve this hair style. So there it is!

I accept my lack of skill and have chosen to JUST FAKE IT!!

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