Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPad Envy

So let it be known I am an Apple Junkie. Long ago back when I was a freshman in college I used to stick my tongue out at all things apple, perhaps simply because I didn't have one and definitely because I had never used one. But now I'm surrounded. My first Apple was a Power book back in 2003, after several years as a Design Student I finally gave in. And I haven't looked back since. I've got an iMac at home in the Jumbo size, iPhone, and an iPod. Yes I have both an iPhone and an iPod, I have a massive audio library, my iPod can barely handle it.
So as you may have guessed I have my eyes on an iPad. I wasn't interested in the iPad1 because we all knew it was only going to get better. Then came  TWO, and by that time I had also squirreled away enough money for the one I wanted. BUT my better half asked me to please wait, upcoming family events and other possible expenses may hit and the money could be put to better use. I Pouted for days but agreed. Then the very worst happened, my Boss bought THREE new shiny iPads for himself, our VP, and our Executive Director. No this is not actually bad, the bad part came after. Our Executive Director and I tend to do many meetings and Business trips together. Our New York trip came days after he got his iPad2. This is where it gets awful. He knows nothing of Apple products, in fact it is my understanding that he didn't even have an iTunes account, still doesn't!! Every two minutes he was asking me questions about his new toy. Taunting me with it. He really hasn't even begun to unravel the potential of it and that just makes it so much worse for me.  But as it turned out my Darling Man was right and sure enough there were other expenses that popped up on us. Car Repairs, Camping, and a slue of other things. And my iPad stash has been cut in half. I'm still hopeful and I'm always looking for ways to get one.
Finally the silver lining on this story. I follow a gaggle of other blogs both for fun and for professional reasons. One particularly delightful Blog "DESIGN FOR MANKIND" is having a giveaway, and to my utter delight it's and iPad2. So today's post is not just a venting of my frustrations but an attempt to remedy them. You can check it out as well, simply click here. From the looks of it the odds are slim, but I'm thinking the mere hope of winning may be enough to keep me from steaming for a few weeks.
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