Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

It has finally arrived, One of my favorite Holidays!!  Have a Goolish good Time!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

What do You Think?

So as you know I do a lot of Fashion research. I look over runway shows and collections constantly. Sometimes I look at designs and I just can't decide whether I like it or not. These photos from Camilla and Marc's Spring 2012 RTW are a perfect example. The clothes are great, the Model looks beautiful, but the same pose over and over with not movement seems a little off. Perhaps that was the effect they were going for. What do you think?

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Whoa! Halloween

I thought I really got into Halloween, until I read this piece on Fashionista. Heidi you are Super crazy Cool.

My Favorite I think.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Thoughts!

Hello Folks!
This week didn't have many silver Linings. Got two Credit Cards fraudulently stolen and not such a happy week at work as you may have read. BUT I will always have Happy thoughts even if there are a crummy things. This weekend I have a big Football game. Better said USC has a Big Football Game. We're going up against Stanford this weekend and I plan on losing my voice yelling at them.
Go SC!
 Also My little Angel and I will be getting the final Touches to her Halloween Costume and although Monday is not part of the weekend, since it is Halloween I am going to just throw it into the mix. Happy Halloween Folks!

She always looks so sweet when she sleeps. And then she wakes! J/K

Opening ceremony

Had to share a few great Photos from Opening Ceremony's Spring RTW 2012.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hostile work Environment

I've been working in Fashion for years now. First as a designer where everyone is a character and most are crazy, myself included but in a good way. Then I got into sales and well the people definitely changed. I found people in sales to be more forceful. And so in changing career paths I had to first grow a tough skin and then I had to learn to bite back! I've been through a lot and I've experienced all kinds of characters in this facet of the industry. But one thing I have learned is I don't do well with disrespectful and rude. I lose all patience with disrespectful people. It's my Achilles heel.I learned long ago I can't handle it, and so when I enter a work place with a person like that I tend to go straight to my director and if there is nothing to be done then I decide whether to stay or go. I usually tend to leave, because if the person had been there before and behaved that way most likely no one was interested in making them change or losing the person.

Well to my disappointment I find myself in that same situation again. Although this time I chose to stay and speak with my director about the situation. Well I've been submitting complaints for months now and she's still here. So I find myself wanting to jump ship. I don't work well in hostile environments. I can handle pressure and stress but not hostility another thing I learned long ago. And  let me tell you this girl is hostile. In truth there are two of them but I feel that if one were gone the other would calm down also only one is affecting my work and truly attacking me.

I've tried being diplomatic. But the fiery Latin in me is about to lash out and Slap this........ (I'll keep this clean). It seems that professionalism isn't a priority and respect is optional and so it may be time to leave.  For now I'm trying to stay calm and Zen!

Tomboy fighting my Fashionista

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wild Adventures

This past weekend was a jam packed weekend for me. And it all began with my Annual Halloween Party. Every year we throw a huge Halloween party and we always make an event of it. Each year has it's own theme and we decorate the house according to the theme. Well this year was Adventure a la Indiana Jones. So a maze was built along with a tiki hut. Heads were put on posts, arrows stabbed through everything and skeletons, snakes, and spider webs were everywhere. Oh yeah and we had a real lion, stuffed of course but a lion non-the-less.  It was a great success and the theme proved to be a perfect fit for us. Check out the photos.

Yes It's real! Friend of ours Shot it on Safari.

Monday, October 24, 2011

LA Fashion Weekend Swim Show

Last Night was the final evening of Los Angeles Fashion Weekend at the Sunset Gower Studios and My company's Runway show. This was the second Show I have coordinated for my company and so my stress level was much lower than last time, but not by much. Everything was planned on our part and so I felt good about that, but one thing I've learned fast and the hard way is that you can't always count on everyone else to keep their parts organized. The show had some great points a few hiccups. One great surprise was that the whole show was going to be broadcasted live on the local news Station KTLA.  The hiccup on this was I wasn't informed until an hour before the show. So yes it was  good thing but a mistake on the part of the producers. One thing you should know about this Fashion week is that each night  is a group show. So we showed last night along with three other designers one of which was Betsey Johnson. Major selling point for us! The hiccups.....
Well they were small and so I think I'll just leave you with the highlights of the show. Here are a few photos from the show. they were taken on my iPhone so forgive the quality on a few of them.
Cocktail Hour before the show.

I've been to a couple of events with this guy and he always makes a statement. Why is there a Race car at a Fashion Show? I have no idea.

Front Row with One of our Designers.

Just after the tents opened.

Our Shoes, but Another Designer's Collection.

From what I heard this girl was a winner of the America's Next top Model.

Nicole Lee Handbags

One of my favorite shoes fro our Nicole Lee collection

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