Monday, October 10, 2011

Please, NO!

In my trend research there was one thing that kind of had me fuming! So this past year I was really annoyed with Stella McCartney's Citrus prints but I was thrilled that it didn't REALLY Take flight as a trend. Or so I thought! First off I was watching Gossip Girl, No Judging! And the fashion Princess Blair Waldorf was wearing a Stella McCartney's citrus Print Skirt. Oh Blair Say it ain't So!!! Mild heart break for me as I really hate this print, I just think it's silly. I'm willing to bet in a few years we will look back at this time and list this trend as a joke of the times. Like the Parachute pants and Flat Top fades of the eighties!
Anyway I thought fine the citrus print wasn't a complete failure, but obviously it wasn't a huge success either. It was a mild trend and I thought we were done. But then D&G had to revive this Fruits and vegetable trend! Why?! Why?! Why?! Dolce and Gabbana had Tomato,Red onions, Chilli peppers, Zuchini, and Eggplant prints in their S/S 2012 Ready to wear Runway in Milan. And I felt my heart sink into my stomach. I was dumbfounded.
Don't let this go any further, say no to fruits and vegetables!

Oh yes how could I forget the matching vegetable earrings. Photos found Here

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