Friday, October 14, 2011

The Happiest Thought of All

Some of you may have noticed my happy thoughts list was one short of it's usual five. Well that's because today is a special today. Today is my Baby Brother's Birthday. I'm older then him by 12 years and so our dynamic is closer to Mother and son than Siblings, Me bossing him around and telling him to iron his shirt. But we work. I love him like Mad. It was the all girl parade before him and he was exactly what our Family needed. He completed us and I thank God everyday for my sweet little brother.  Happy Birthday Mook.
Such a Handsome Boy. 

Him and our Middle Sister, both HUGE hams.

I promise he deserved it. 

Photo taken by my sister during her photography years.

He can always make us laugh. 

Him and my Daughter. Such a great Uncle.

The two of us 16 Years ago and now. 
Our Crazy Family

My Sweet Boy and Mom

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