Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vice Admiral Fuzzy Von Mittens

So a lot happened during my down time, but one significant thing happened. I became a cat lady. At least that's what my lovely friend Byron calls me now. But this past November we made an addition to our little family. We adopted a cat. We got him from one of the Cat rescue groups that are always at Petco on Saturdays. At first we thought it would be easy. Fill out a paper, pay a fee, and get a cat. nope these are hardcore folks and so they had to review our application they met all three of us and then checked out our home. It was intense.
But we got a cat. His name was already decided on before we even decided to get him. Gary has always had cats that have some sort of military rank. His childhood cat being Captain Meowser. And then he even convinced his sister to add a rank to her cat, Sergeant Pepper. But he was saving a special name for when he would have a cat of his own and that is how my cat got the longest name in the world! Vice Admiral Fuzzy Von Mittens. He was hoping he'd get a tough cat that could live indoors and outdoors, but the Admiral is a house cat. He was bottle fed as a baby and so he's a cuddler. Right away he and I hit it off. He's very patient and so he can handle Leila's craziness. But most of all he's got character.
He's been a great addition to the home and so from time to time you may see him in this blog. So I wanted to formally introduce you to the Admiral.

Even My sister is in Love with him.

Even when he's allowed to go out side he prefers to just look.

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