Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fashion Icon-Brigitte Bardot

So I figured it was time for another Fashion Icon Piece. The last two had such great results, Thanks for that Folks. This posts Fashion Icon Is Brigitte Bardot "A sex Symbol through the Ages" according to Time magazine. And I would personally have to agree. This woman is the reason woman aren't hitting the beaches in huge one pieces. Brigitte is the reason the Bikini became popular and has become the staple it is today. She starred in the film "the Girl in the Bikini" and made this radical new swim suit an instant success. She was gorgeous! The only other woman in history who has even come close as far as being a sex symbol would have to be Marilyn Monroe.
What I loved most about her was her Curves! She wasn't a twig she had healthy curves that drove men mad. I respect her for that and really wish we could get back to that type of mentality again. Curves are GOOD!
Other Signature Bardot Features.....
Thick, Dark, And sexy Lashes. Falsies will be required to get that look. 
Thick Black eye liner.
A big Pouty mouth doesn't hurt also. I'd use a Lip Plumping gloss with a light tint. 
Other then Mascara and Liner she tends to keep the face make up simple and Natural another thing I love.  She was proud of her body and happy to show it off but always strategically covered.

Now for the fun stuff these are just a few photos I found that I loved. But there were plenty. I would recommend Time Magazines Page dedicated to Brigitte Bardot.It's very informative.

Last three Photos Found Here

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