Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday!

  Today is Cesar Chavez's Birthday. And for me this day actually has some meaning. My Parents both worked for the United Farm Workers. As a child I had all kinds of resentment about the job because I was yanked from my beloved Los Angeles and moved to a TINY little town called Tehachapi (enough said right?). Note I was only 9 at the time but moving from a massive city to a Town that didn't have a theatre, department store, or even a major food chain, well that's a bit of a culture shock.  But quickly I learned that my parents were doing a great thing.  The UFW was a wonderful and very much needed organization. We all happily eat our produces without any consideration of where it came from and who harvested it. But there were people working for less then the cost of a Venti Mocha Latte each day picking that food for us. Cesar has helped to changed that, and his family and comrades have picked up the torch and carried it on for him.
  As I said I was very young when I knew Cesar, but I have one fond memory that has stuck with me through the decades. Candy, Cesar always had a stash of candy in his desk drawer and all of the children of his employees would visit his office and get a candy. Even though he was a very busy man he always took time to talk to us and give us a treat. Just further proof of what a good  man he was.
Que Viva Cesar Chavez!!

UFW Flag

This is how I remember him

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