Friday, March 18, 2011

Los Angeles Fashion Week

Hello! I can't seem to think of who I'm writing this for. Perhaps no one but either way I have to put it out there. First let me just tell you I'm not cool. Not in the slightest, in fact I'm a dork. In truth I'm proud to be a dork. But some how I managed to get into the one industry that isn't very accepting of dorks. I work in the Fashion Industry. And even worse is I am the sales Manager and PR Corrdinator for a rather large handbag company. What does that matter? Well usually these positions are held by people who are most definately cool, and hip, and on top of the hottest trends. I try, but I tend to just get lucky.
My house of cards may just come tumbling down tonight. Tonight is the first night of LA Fashion Week, one of the first big projects I was given. And a project Done solely by me. So the panic is setting in. Of all the places were my lack of cool would stand out, a Fashion show is the epitome. But here we go. Let my freak flag fly! More to come......

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