Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vogue Let Down!

This past Wednesday I was thrilled to find my coveted September issue of Vogue waiting for me. I ripped that baby open and started to flip though it, but then I realized it had been 67 pages before I found any content. And all I did find was the Table of content. Finally on page 210 I found some text but it was a short summary of what was going to be featured online. The first editorial is on page 376, which is roughly half the book! As we all know the September issue is the biggest issue of the year for Fashion magazines and Vogue holds the record for largest issue, however I'm thinking that title needs to be revoked. When 90% of your book is ads then it feels like a cheat. This issue is supposed to be the new years of Fashion, this is when we take a look at the upcoming trends of the new year and start planning. But this issue is light on the fashion and EXTREMELY heavy on the advertisements. Epic FAIL! Vogue your losing your touch!

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