Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eagle Rock Music Festival 2011

I've written about my small town in the Big city many times before. We don't have much in our area but we've got a few great gems that make this lazy little town a bit more enticing to the rest of the City. Why should you drive out to Eagle Rock? Well this weekend is our 13th Annual Music Festival. This festival started small and only took a single block in it's yearly years, but everyone loved it. My family in particular because that one stage they had was one block from their home and played salsa music which had my mother dancing in the streets.
Since then the Festival has expanded to over eight blocks of Our Main Street. They Have 12 Stages Placed up and down the street, Vendor Booths running in the center of the street, and All the local Shops stay open late with their own parties or bands inside. It's tons of Fun.
Each Year I pick up a schedule and take a look at who's playing where and which bands I want to see. This year I got the Map early and let me just say I was shocked when I saw the Lineup for this year. we usually have great Local bands and a few indie bands with great potential. In fact I would be surprised if someday in the future I were to see one of those bands on TV talking about how they started with the Eagle Rock Music Festival.  Well this year there is no wondering if these people will be big one day. This year we have a stellar Lineup! Three caught my eye right away, Rooney, Flying Lotus, and Shadow, Shadow, Shade.
Rooney of course was the first I was excited about. When I was Studying in London I went to a performance of theirs in this tiny Pub. They were great Live and the small venue made it feel like we had been invited to a cool private party. It was a memorable night. And so I'm looking forward to seeing the band again.
So those of you who happen to be in LA this weekend Stop on by the Eagle Rock Music Festival! It promises to be a Great Festival.  I'll post again after!

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