Monday, November 5, 2012

Civic Duties

Election day is tomorrow and well I know I'm hyped up! I've always been a very political person with strong(not always perfect) opinions. And this election is no exception. First off to all possible Republican's reading this best you walk away now. I am most Certainly a Democrat. Almost a given since I'm Latin and in California. Los Angeles specifically so that just makes it a huge DUH. But I grew up with highly educated parents who had very strong Morals and beliefs and with that came what they felt was their responsibility to take part. They worked with Cesar Chavez when I was a young girl and we stayed with the United Farm Workers till Cesar passed away. Both of my parents work with the Gay rights group in our Church. And my Father gave up a Marketing career to become a teacher, because he felt educating the youth of our nation was a much more important job. So I had some really strong role models.

For a very long time I thought I would become a Lawyer. Even started on that path, but as you know got pulled away by Fashion. I haven't let go of my passion for Civics. Election years are when you really  see me worked up.  I couldn't get through any of the debates without yelling at the television. Yes I'm that person.

This election has me especially riled up because of all these "undecided voters". I won't get too in to this, but I don't think there could be two candidates so different from one another.  Surely one of them has to be closer to your ideal then the other.  I  also feel our President has been given a really bad wrap for the Economy.  This is the worst state our economy has ever been in and our President has done a lot of great work to get us out of it.  Sure it still sucks out there, I know first hand, but to blame him or to say he's not working hard enough just isn't true. And the snake Oil Salesman (Romney) is not going to do better. His lack of basic Math should be a dead give away.

I realize posting political views is a blogger no-no, but as I said strong political views. Forgive my rant, but hopefully I reached a few people out there. Don't forget to Vote tomorrow!

Fun Fact: Ever wonder where these symbols came from? It began in 1828 when Andrew jackson was running for President. His opponent called his a "Jackass" he embraced the name though. And then one day  a Cartoonist by the name of Thomas Nast used the democratic Donkey in his cartoons and made it famous. Then in 1874 he created the Republican Elephant.  I learned that HERE.

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