Monday, November 12, 2012

Cleaning Frenzy

So of the many stages of pregnancy there is one stage that I would say I'm really crap at. Nesting.  I go through it like all women do but I am a terrible house wife. I lack the one major skill of a good house wife. I suck at cleaning the home. I can do all the bonus things great house wives do, I'm a good cook, a strong baker, I can Crochet a blanket, hats, and a newscarf for  everyone in the family, Heck I can sew a Ball gown for you, but when it comes to cleaning I just don't have the will. I have to state that when I do clean it's fairly thorough, the parts I actually clean that is. For example I have a Pile of Dishes that need to be washed and a Pile of clothes that simply need to get put away. I will wash the dishes till they sparkle but leave the pile for a week, usually longer. I commit to the one task but give up on the fifty others that have to be done. I'm terrible.  

Growing up I had chores and I learned to do them correctly but I waited till the very last second to do them. I have always hated housework. My parents didn't really believe in housekeepers, why should they when they had four children. Not till those children got older did my mother start getting help occasionally from a cleaning lady but even that was short lived. My Mother-in-Law is a different story. She does the house cleaning but still brings in a cleaning lady every week. She of course has a very clean and  put together home. 

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So back to Nesting. I am in the nesting phase of my pregnancy and so I have been working hard (for me) at cleaning the home. But it's not enough. So I called in reinforcements. I've never hired a cleaning lady before, as I mentioned my Mother barely had one so I had no real experience. But my Mother-in-Law does, and she has a great cleaning lady, Hilda. So I asked Hilda if she could come in and give me a hand. I got so much more then I thought I would from Hilda. I figured a little vacuuming, dusting, polishing the wood, you know cosmetic stuff.  She did that but she did SO MUCH MORE. She moved the couch and cleaned underneath (SCARY), she moved my Stove and cleaned all around (EVEN SCARIER), and then she cleaned my toaster Oven (Whoa!). I am dumfounded and I really wish I had known because I would have cleaned more before she came... : /  

Which brings me to my current state....TOTAL GUILT!  

I feel like a real bum for asking this woman to come in here at clean my families mess. I thought it would be ok that it would be such a small job. But with the way this woman cleans I feel horrible. I had no idea we were this bad. Oh well the deed is done. But now I know what real cleaning looks like and how miserably I've been failing at it.  At least I can Bake! 

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