Thursday, November 8, 2012

Maternity Clothing Nightmare

So I have never had much success in the Maternity clothing department. In fact I would actually dare to say I HATE maternity clothing options. I have yet to find a one stop company that I can load up on Maternity clothes. And the worse part is the fact that you really only need them for the last four months (which varies from woman to woman and with each pregnancy!). This pregnancy I am much bigger. Most didn't notice right away but I did. I was having issues with clothing in my Third Month. Swear my hips widened again! I think I was pushing the limits of my bottoms before the pregnancy and the moment I started growing even by a few centimeters I felt it in my waistband!

I can't exactly remember how badly I dressed while pregnant with Leila but the lack of photos during that time suggests it was bad. I didn't buy many items, that much I remember. Again I HATE most Maternity clothing. And of course the items I do like are in the $150-$300 mark. Sorry but NO WAY, not for an item with a short shelf life. I prefer clothing purchases with a little more bang for the buck thank you! To be honest I have qualms with items in the $50 dollar mark even, well at least a top for $50. I'm already dropping a small fortune on Baby prep I don't want to spend even more money on temporary clothing. And the evil catch of it all is that every maternity company sets there prices around the same range. They know that at some point  a woman has to give in and buy the belly pants at the very least.

Since this pregnancy I have a much larger belly, pointy as well (sure sign it's a Boy), I have had to give in to the maternity clothing devil. So I've been researching like crazy lately. And to my surprise I've had more success then I did in the past.  I have rediscovered Old Navy recently.  Now it's not very stylish but it's a perfect place to get my basics  and build on those. And the pants are not only very affordable but comfy, who knew?! So my basics are covered now the really hard part, Fashionable pieces. Here is where I hit a few walls. Sorry to those who love them but I really don't like Motherhood or Pea in a Pod. Just not nearly cute enough and the few that get close are outrageously priced. A girlfriend mentioned to me that H&M had jumped on the maternity band-wagon, but I can't find a store within the city that carries it and online they only show a total of 24 pieces. WEAK SAUCE! Then I made a huge discovery,! I love their selection of standard women's clothing and now they offer Maternity! The cherry on top of this sundae was that they were having a sale when I went on. So my shopping cart grew from a planned two pieces to 10 pieces, all under $175. SCORE!

Enough talk, take a look at some of the items I found. I even threw in sites I loved but wasn't really  up for buying.
This site has great stuff (SOrry no picture) but way more than I'm comfortable with Paying but check it out:

This Site had really adorable piece, but again more then I was willing. 

All of the above were found at

Old Navy- simple Basics

Old Navy

Old Navy

Old Navy- a really good piece to work with.

H&M-  Again can't find it but they say it's out there.

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