Friday, April 1, 2011

Last Minute Packing

Spring has finally arrived in LA. My Legs have come out of hibernation and are in dire need of a tan. My Sunglasses are on full time now. It's great. A few weeks ago we did our Spring Cleaning and I sorted out my closet and wardrobe and packed away all my winter clothes. This is a good thing, but this weekend we're getting out of town and well, we're headed to the mountains where Spring hasn't fully arrived. In fact there is still a good level of snow on the ground keeping all the new grass and pretty flowers from popping up.  It's kind of a ritual for me to save my packing to the evening before, but in this case I need winter clothes and as stated before they are in storage. So tonight should be fun.

Just got a call, it's not so snowy after all!!! Yippee Spring time in the Mountains thank Heavens!

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