Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Farmer's Markets and Thrift Stores

I know it's been a very long time since I've written a post. Well I'm about to flood you!!!!

This weekend was a bit of a jam packed weekend filled with local activities. LA was a bit of a ghost town, Carmageddon (one of the busiest freeways in LA was shut down over the weekend and the city went into panic, it was dubbed Carmageddon.) had everyone scared and staying home. Not me, I never use that freeway. And the one thing My Father made sure I learned was the streets of LA and how to get around without using the freeways. Friday after work I started with the Local Farmer's Market. It's been a while since I've actually been able to get to the local Farmer's Market. It's a small Market with only a few vendor's but it's our and we love it.
One of my old High school classmates was actually selling his food there! My Man's Cousin is a staple at these markets singing Elvis on  a portable Speaker System. And half the Fruit and Vegetable vendors are Filipino and sell Filipino Produce.  There is a vast array of things I don't recognize. You will always see a melange of people at our little Market. It's such a diverse community. It's where contradictions meet. The rebel will share kettle corn with the straight edge.  It's just great and I forgot how fun it can be. I also forgot how quickly your money can go when you're there. I had to make my visit short and sweet because I was quickly tapped out, My daughter got all kinds of goodies though.

Saturday I managed to talk my Gent into going to the thrift store with me. In fact I was shock to hear he was excited about it. It's normally not his speed but I was thrilled to have the company. We went to the St. Vincent de Paul in LA. Once again I had forgotten how fun thrifting can be. I have to admit it's been a VERY long time since I had been. My Mother used to take my sisters and I all the time. Back then I always came home with the silliest things, I didn't know how to edit back then. OK so I still need to work on the editing now, but I'm better. I came out with all kinds of goodies including an not so old or used copy of Sense and Sensibility, one of my favorite Jane Austen Novels.  It was a great weekend and I think we need to have Carmageddon more often!!!

My little One eyeing some jewelry.

Gorgeous Chillies.

New vendor.

Still don't know what it is

The Strange Veggies, Look like Chillies but aren't!

His Favorite part I think.

My find.

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