Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vogue Let Down

Heads up this is going to be a rant. A bit of an angry rant in fact. OK not angry just annoyed. So I hate to admit this but I have always bought my Vogues individually. Initially it was because I didn't always read it but then after a while it became extremely silly since I was picking it up every month, sometime twice a month (one copy to keep the other to rip up for my fashion notebooks). This year I started really looking at expenses and I realized just how much money I was dumping down the toilet on magazines. So I finally jumped on board with long term subscriptions. The final count was five in all and for at least two years. I felt great! I did all my subscriptions online so that it would expedite the process, and at first it seemed to do the trick. But then July rolls in and now Magazines. None, not a single one, and as we all know they were on the stands in Mid to late June. So my happy comfort quickly transformed into anxiousness.
So if you've been reading this blog you know by now that I essentially study the fashion industry. I read all the Fashion Mags and Fashion Blogs trying to stay on top of it all. If I miss a day in this industry it's like missing a week of news in the real world. So not having my Magazines was actually really getting to me. I was two seconds away from buying copies, even though my subscriptions would no doubt show up eventually. I suddenly had a new appreciation of the pain addicts go through during withdraws.

FINALLY Vogue arrived yesterday. I flipped when my man handed me the Magazine. I dropped everything and immediately began to read. But I was quickly upset again!!! If you've already picked up the July Issue you too have seen how flimsy it is. It's got to be the smallest issue I've every seen. Barely any editorials and although I don't need ads it seemed to be very light on the adds as well. I was shocked. It was not my vogue, not the vogue I have loved and cherished. Was everyone on vacation in June and so the July issue was missing pages?

Now vogue doesn't always have to produce a massive book, but let's face it that's been their trend for years now and so I was expecting that. So let's add this all up. First I don't get my issue till the 11th of the month (BOO!) and then it's the lamest issue ever! Vogue you have wounded me! I've been so loyal and this is how you repay me? It's the truth about Santa all over again! It's much better to simply buy the issue individually, you get them earlier and you can see right away if it's going to be a dud. Sure it's 4 bucks more per issue but I'm thinking 4 bucks is cheap in exchange for the lack of grief.

The One that broke my heart. Sorry Emma.

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