Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fancy Hair

So the biggest victim of my lack of Hair skill is by far my Daughter. She considers herself a Princess, in fact she relates to Rapunzel. She has very long hair and throws a fit if we even mention cutting it. Her Hair is Magical, and Magical Hair deserves styling worthy of a Princess. I try but my skills are very limited. As I have written before . I keep trying to French Braid her hair and it always looks like a mess. The Only style I can do for her is what I can a Princess ponytail. and there is barely any skill involved in this hairdo.
This morning I was inspired by a Craft Blog on Fish Tail Braiding. And so I tried it. I managed to get all her hair in there but it certainly wasn't perfect. In fact it was rather messy, but she didn't seem to mind and I knew that her Babysitter would redo her hair in a Style she would be proud of.
Our babysitter does my daughters hair in the most elaborate styles. I was always envious. Up until six months ago My daughter barely let me touch her hair let alone style it.The only person allowed to touch it was Amanda her Babysitter.  Of course she would only want Amanda, whenever she did her hair it looked like she came straight from modeling in a hair show. I have to step up my game.
The other night I was feeling crafty and so I Made some fancy headbands for my daughter. If I can't style her hair in a fancy way the very least I can do it give her accessories that can do it for me. If my Hair styling skills don't change at least I can rest assured my designs will compensate.

One of My Hair Train wrecks, I've gotten a whole lot Better!!
One of my attempts at French Braiding.

This is a Standard Amanda Hairdo

Another Amanda Basic, This is a boring style for her.

Here is an example of her elaborate work, photos not the best but it's a hair Halo!
An Amanda Style!

This is my Fishtail braid, looked OK for a while but quickly became a mess!
One of the Headband I made her.

This is my Princess Ponytail. The base is the part I consider "The Princess" component.

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