Friday, June 10, 2011

Catch Up!

Once a month I try to have  girls Night with my former Coworker and catch up on life. However recently life has been a bit chaotic for the both of us and we have gone two whole months without a night out. We were way over due.  Since we both work in LA but live on opposite sides of the city we try to pick places in Downtown close to our Offices. This time we tried a new place called Botegga Louie. I was sold after I saw photos on Yelp and saw that they made macaroons. Of course during our girl's Night we also require a cocktail and so I was thrilled to see they had a full bar as well. Parking was tricky, we both found two different lots in opposite directions but with reasonable prices.
We arrived early and a good thing too because it was packed by the time we got our food. The cocktails were decent, but we tend to keep it simple, Vodka Soda for us. The food was delicious though. I had a Caresse salad with real Mozzarella and an order of Portabello fries. The Fries were out of this world, I'd never tried anything like these and the sauce they came with was matched perfectly. So we ate and we gabbed and finally it was too crowded and noisy to stay so we headed over to the dessert counter to pick up a few treats before we left. As you can see I enjoyed them.
No matter where we meet it's always great to see my friend, but the food and desserts just added that cherry on top a great Sundae.

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