Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shoes on the BRAIN!!!!

I've been spending the last week studying shoes. I love shoes, or at least I did...... No I still do but right now my brain is overloaded with Shoes. I thought I knew everything there was to know about shoes, well OK not everything but I knew plenty. Did I mention I love shoes? I figured my obsession made me an expert. I was wrong! However by the end of this week I will be! Here's the kind of stuff I've been dealing with. First a Basic rundown. Most womens shoes get broken down into the following categories.
  • Sandals
  • Heels
  • Sneakers & Athletic Shoes
  • Boots
  • Flats
  • Clogs & Mules
  • Loafers
  • Slipper
  • Oxfords
  • Boatshoes
  • Climbing
Just to aviod giving you the same mental meltdown I have been having I'm only going to bother with one category, Heels. You may think you're getting off easy but The funny thing about the heel category is that ANY and ALL shoes with more the a 1/4 of an inch heel falls in this group as well.
This is where I screamed first! 
Let's look at a few stand out types of shoes.

This is a Saddle Shoe! A Cute one at that!

But this is a Spectator! What's a Spectator you ask? I'm still not sure but Thanks to Zappos' Glossary I think I get it.
A shoe design that is characterized by 2 materials, often of different colors or materials, with an edge of the dominant color having a pinking edge exposed, and a perforated design on the toe.
The only thing wrong with this definition is on Zappos they have Spectators that are one color and do not have pinked edges. So once again I'm confused.
This is a Slouch, I had never heard of a Slouch Shoe before but then again I'm not a Ballroom Dancer. The name is a bit contradictory isn't? Oh well.
I was Happy to find out what My favorite type of sandal was called....This is a Toe Ring Sandal. See the loop for your big toe? 
 This is a Loafer. This was the only style that didn't have me confused and crying! I think I love Loafers now. OK maybe not.
Alright enough with the easy stuff time to tell you about the stuff that had my head reeling.  Clogs, Mules, Slides, and Wedges. First off Almost every possible shoe can be a Wedge. It's all in the shape of the heel, the height isn't of consequence at all. Wedges don't like to be segregated they welcome all!
Clogs were pretty Straight forward......
This is a Clog. What makes a Clog? Closed toe, no back, Right? Yeah, No! I won't even bother getting into this, but someday when you feel like it,( Why you would fell like it,  I don't know though) take a look at a "Clog" Section and you'll see.
 OK this is a Mule. At least that was the category in came up in.
This is a Slide. Do you see the difference? Ignore the Heel. As I mentioned all shoes can be wedges.  Now do you see the difference? Yeah I didn't see it either. I better stop now, I don't want to kill you with all this. But this is only a fraction of everything I've been going through. Peeptoe vs. Open Toe. Pump vs. Heel. Chunky Heel vs. Pyramid. I could go on for days. I have been going on for days. I need a break. Here are just a few Styles I discovered while doing all this research, a few fun highlights.
WHOA!!! If you didn't already guess these are Platforms
I do love a good wedge!
Super Cute! And a Wedge I might add.