Monday, June 27, 2011

Lazy Bum!

This morning I barely got out of Bed. I hit the snooze five times before I slowly hauled myself to the Bathroom to start my day. It wasn't pretty. On days like these I tend to give up on dressing well, in fact I'm usually satisfied with just being clothed matching is optional and fashionable isn't even on my radar. I grabbed these cropped jeans and a tank and said "DONE".  I finished getting dressed, actually took the time to dry and style my hair since it would be the first time my coworkers would see my new do. Put on rouge and some gloss started making my way to the door when I realized I forgot one key component.

SHOES!!!! I forgot Shoes! ME!! The Shoe Addict hadn't noticed till moments before leaving that I still hadn't put any shoes on. I had left a brand new pair of Aldos out from the night before and so I grabbed those put them on and left.  I Wore Sling Back, Peep toed, Platformed Heels , SIX inches HIGH with my Bummy Jeans and ragged Tank.

OH Yeah, I'm a Fashionista alright!

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