Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Intentions

I was looking through my closet today Deciding on my outfit, when I came across a sheer Sequin Tank that I have. Tags still on and NEVER been worn. I looked at the Top and simply thought, "Mom". That Top is one of several pieces of clothing My mother has given me. She does serious shopping excursions and if she happens to come across something she thinks my Sisters or I may like she buys it. My Sisters are very particular about what they wear. One is conservative and looks as though she came straight from a J Crew photo shoot. The other is well too cool for school, she's got an edgy hipster look about her. Then there's me. I'm a wild card I guess. Not sure if I have a set style. I hate to say it but I have followed many trends in my day and so my look can vary with the seasons.
Back to Mom, she bought this unique piece for me because she thought it was pretty and she thought it had to be cool! Unlike my sisters I never say "I don't want it" to my Mom. I always take the piece and find a way to work with it. There was once a pair of Lamb and star print pajama pants, and not when I was five or ten or even 18. No she bought me Lamb and Star pajama pants at age 22. I took them and I wore them, they were kind of comfy actually. That's how Mom and I work.
This sequin tank wasn't a complete wash out, there was potential. And so this morning I decided I was going to wear it. I tried on three outfits, each a variation with this top. Nothing worked. Finally I gave up grabbed a white tank and tailored wide leg jeans and left for work. These pieces were part of the three outfits I had tried to work with. the tank had defeated me.
Sorry Mom, I tried. Anyway the tank is back in my closet, and taunting me once again. I WILL try again. As for my Mom and all her good intentions, I welcome every piece of clothing she gives me and simply see them as a new fashion challenge. She keeps me on my toes!
Love You Mom!

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