Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forever Young

I was going through my Blog lovin list of "new posts" today when I came across a post from ".....Love Meagan" that hit close to home for me. In Megan's post she wrote about all these high end Children's fashion collections. The children look like grown up models, they look adult. In fact several of the photos she posted as examples had children who were better dressed than I can ever hope to be. It was a bit eery considering how young they had to have been.
I'm a proud Mommy of a VERY tall four year old girl. She looks like she's seven just based on her height and she's a bit of a smarty pants so some times she acts older as well. It's been said on more than one occasion that (because of her height) she could be a model. My stomach kind of twists at the thought. I don't think I want that for her. I think she's beautiful and right now she thinks she's a Princess, I don't want anyone or anything changing that. And regardless of how beautiful I know she is some schmuck out there is bound to tell her otherwise should we ever think of letting her model.
She's my baby right now, OK not my baby but my little girl and I refuse to let that be rushed. I want her to stay my little girl.  Meagan made a great point the trend in Children's high fashion is for kids to appear adult. I don't mind my daughter trying on my shoes so she can pretend to be mommy, but I'm not about to buy her High Heels.  Kids should be kids. My daughter can pretend all she wants but when we go to the park, or for pizza, or even to the store she is going in her play clothes and she will be dressed as a child should be.

Meagan Thanks for this post!

I thought this was kind of cute actually. Looks like she's playing dress up, at least that's how I'm going to interpret it.
Not so bad, don't know why this kid needs the Clutch, Watch and Blazer, but the sunglasses Maybe.

This is where it goes to far.

Little girl needs to smile.

The three Above are Witchery

My little girl. Dressed up for Father's Day!!

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