Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photo Shoots a.k.a. MADNESS

So it's been a while since my last post. I've been in the land of chaos lately. At work were in the middle of our product photo shoots. Normally this is a fairly simple task that was once managed by someone entirely different.We began the transition of responsibility from the previous bearer to me a few months ago, but never fully finished. It's a strange position to be in since although I am the one organizing everything and communicating to all the parties involved, I'm not the one who should be heading this endeavor.
Day one of our shoot was Great, Model was on time, Hair and Make-up done quickly and without a hitch, and Locations were great! We even wrapped on time, a miracle to say the least.  I thought, "Yeah! I did well", but then Day Two came along.
On day two I grew six new grey hairs between 9 am and 9:45 am. In 45 minutes and I had a new grey patch, yeah for me. What made day two crazy you ask? Well first our Model was a no show.  I was furious. Models, especially models that work for us, have very little to do. Be on time, Look pretty, and listen to the photographer and Producer with regards to poses. That's it, that's all we ask. A model that can't even make it to work, She's going to have to look for a new profession. Actually she may not have luck in any profession if she can't manage showing for work. So as you may have guessed I was bent out of shape. While apologizing profusely I managed to arrange two of the hair and Make-up Staff to return next day and the proceeded to find a new model in a single day. Thank the heaven's for Craig's List. In moments like these it saved me. The tricky part though was getting the model approved by the head designer.
Our head designer is a tall and fierce woman. When you look at her you can see she's tough, but she's also lovely. She has an easy elegance to her that takes decades to achieve and yet she's still young. I keep trying to talk to her but it tends to be in vain. We have a small language barrier. So I to talk to her assistant designers. If you've every seen the film Lost in Translation, then you have an idea of what I'm dealing with. There's a scene where Bill Murray is doing a photo shoot in Japan and the  photographer talks forever  and the translator comes back to Bill with two word translations, that's what I'm living. In My case the assistant designer can speak a bit more English than our Head Designer but not much. So I stand there while she tells her assistant everything she wants, usually a conversation that takes 15 minutes and her Assistant, whom I love by the way, comes to me with "She wants Natural". I usually walk away with a face of horror and try to figure it out. This process tends to take days, but in this case I didn't have days, I had a few hours. 
It was 3 pm and she hadn't decided on a model. In fact she had rejected my top two picks. The pickings were slim but we managed to get a couple gems and I was certain she would love them. But NO, so I schemed a bit. I printed all the applicant photos I had received and put my two picks back in the pile. I knew once she saw all the options she would see reason. Sure enough an hour Later she had picked my top pick. In a mad dash I started calling and emailing and running around like a Crazy person. Our Offices close at 5:45 pm,  at 5:46 right before the Message system was turned on I got the call back from the model. Hallelujah the day was saved. The shoot was bumped one day but went on without a hitch.  The New Model was much better then the original selection and everyone was pleased.
I was finally able to breathe today and I am thrilled that tonight is my Girls Night with my favorite former Co-worker and best Gal Pal. I am in NEED of a Cocktail!

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