Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's Be Original!

I was catching up on Blogs that I had neglected lately when I came across a cute set of shoes by Jefferey Campbell. They were simple, for Campbell, and very cute. I know the label and I've seen many of the styles but it's always been a hit or miss for me. I tend to lean toward at least a 70% success rate. Anyway I hunted down the shoe and came across some very interesting posts on one of my other favorite fashion Blogs, Fashionista. Apparently Jeffery Campbell is becoming Infamous for "borrowing other designers work. I wish I had caught this earlier but in truth I don't really track designer shoes with the exception of Louboutin which is more of a Goal/obsession rather than fashion study. I've always said, "I'll know when I've reached my career goal because that will be the day I buy my first Louboutins".  I tend to look at labels I can actually buy since my love of shoes is a bit insane, so I took notice of Jeffrey Campbell but was unaware of his "inspiration".
 I've been in this game a while now and I'm well aware that hundreds of companies copy other styles, particularly designer labels. It's just how this industry works. Steve Madden became the company they are today because they "knock off" other designers. I don't think it's right and I know there are always financial and PR back lashes.  Personally I think Steven Madden is a Lost cause there's no changing them, but Jeffrey Campbell has such a Fashion forward following that they should take this golden opportunity to make their own designs. They do have some great and original designs and i think they need to stick to those, no more "knock-Offs" please. Step up be a Fashion Leader.

The shoe that caught my attention and an "inspired" design.

One of my favorites!-The Saturn in Black

A great Staple shoe- The 99 in Black

The Statement shoe!- The Tick Paint

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