Thursday, June 30, 2011

T-Shirt Heaven

The Olsen Twin's have come such a LONG way since the days of "Full House". Their Label  The Row, took the Fashion industry by storm, much to the surprise of the industries leaders. Their previous Fashion projects have always been geared toward junior markets and Mass sales, rather than Haute Couture. All have been wildly successful though.
Their newest project is, what is Style Mint about you ask, T-SHIRTS!!!! The Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley have taken on the challenge of making the perfect T-shirt. Halleluiah!!! InStyle released a Sneak peek at the new collection this morning and I must say I'm excited.

On a bit of a side note. We all know the game six degrees of separation. Everyone in the world can be connected withing six connections.  I recently met a very nice lady who is a Stylist and Costume Designer with HBO Productions. She used to be the stylist to the Olsen's back when they were still on Full House and for all those films they did. Pretty cool.

First Pick!! Must have!

My other Pick.


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