Sunday, June 26, 2011


On a Whim I went to the Salon this weekend.
I have a pattern, I try to grow my hair out and then when I'm only 3 inches longer I hack it off and go super short. This is exactly what I did this weekend. My Hair is gone. Considering the amount of hair I had my head is feeling much lighter now.

So The cycle shall begin again. I will try to grow this out and then I will inevitably cut it off.  Am I the only woman who does this? I see so many woman with long beautiful hair and I feel jealous. How did they manage that? I can't handle long Hair the amount of time it takes to blow dry alone is insane to me.Where do these ladies find the time? Help, tell me your secrets. I promise I won't cut My hair off if you guys can share your wisdom. Until I'm let into the loop I shall continue my pattern.


  1. I may be the exact opposite! My hair has always been super long and I usually donate a good bit once a year or two years, but never go real short but always wanted to! your hair looks sooo cute!

  2. Thank You!!! I've always wanted to donate but I've never had enough hair to do so. That's so wonderful!